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Quaestio GP drives growth through innovation by cultivating a forum for acquisition and commercialization of products and technologies that benefits both the innovation seeker and provider. Our core competency is our ability to champion the efforts of our Inventor and Entrepreneur clients to commercialize their intellectual property through strategic partnerships.

Quaestio GP’s C3 Process is based on three steps designed to facilitate and support our Inventor and Entrepreneur clients to initiate, establish and secure long-term effective partnerships with large organization that enhance the commercial and scientific value of their inventions.

Utilizing our C3 Process for Exponential Growth, Quaestio GP fosters partnership by:

  1. Developing a deep understanding of the intellectual property offering

  2. Guiding innovation providers to qualify their inventions to potential partners’ requirements

  3. Understanding technology trends, market drivers and competitive landscape

  4. Discovering the innovation seekers’ needs and defining the target

  5. Negotiating win-win deals to secure long term effective partnership

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C3: Process for Exponential Growth

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