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Quaestio GP offers each of our Inventors and Entrepreneurial clients customized, attentive efforts geared toward increasing the value of their ideas through initiation, creation and maintenance of symbiotic partnerships with technology seekers.  In fact, our role extends far beyond simply introducing our clients to potential partners.

We support our clients through every phase of initiating and executing the strategic partnership. The Partnership Lifecycle utilizes three phases:

PHASE I: Partnership  Roadmap

Quaestio GP partners with innovation providers to commercialize their intellectual property through establishing symbiotic partnerships. To achieve this goal, we prepare our clients to meet the requirements of potential partners by designing a customized roadmap for each opportunity. Partnership Roadmap development involves:

  1. Realizing the potential of the intellectual property

  2. Understanding the impact of the competitive landscape

  3. Guiding pipeline building strategy

PHASE II: Partnership Creation

Quaestio GP works closely with our clients to understand their vision of successful partnership by clearly defining what they can offer to innovation seekers and what they need in return. More specifically, we work closely with our clients to determine critical business terms and conditions at the very early stage of negotiations to secure a win-win deal. Partnership Creation involves:

  1. Identifying, evaluating, and prioritizing potential partners

  2. Identifying key contacts within the potential partners organization

  3. Negotiating win-win collaboration deals

  4. Cultivating mutually beneficial strategic partnerships

PHASE III: Partnership Management

Once a win-win partnership agreement has been executed, Quaestio GP continues to work closely with our clients to ensure the long-term health and success of the partnership. Partnership Management involves:

  1. Defining and executing a partnership strategy

  2. Aligning the needs of both parties

  3. Ensuring effective communication among all parties

  4. Advocating on behalf of our client

Partnership Lifecycle

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